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Remember when you filed your taxes on paper forms, calculated everything by hand, and used snail mail to reach the IRS? Now think of how much easier, faster, and efficient it is to file your taxes online.

What tax preparation software has done for taxpayers, Aristotle Labs is doing for civic organizations and their constituents across the country.

We develop mobile apps for schools, create products for governmental agencies and civic groups and build some of the best nonprofit websites around. Our products and tools can turn your organization’s painstaking paper processes into automated digital workflows. Clients who have used our products experience greatly reduced administrative costs, happier constituents and pleased boards.

Whether you need fund-raising websites, online admin tools or mobile apps for schools, Aristotle Labs has the skill and expertise to adapt our products to your needs or develop a custom solution for your organization.

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  • Grant Application & Reporting System

    Automate your cumbersome paper grant application process and manage everything securely online.

  • Employee Evaluation System

    Teams of supervisors, colleagues and Board members can easily review the annual performance of employees and view reports that meet state and federal requirements for performance and salary increase documentation.

Make simple solutions a part of your civic duty.

Contact us for licensing information on how we can help your organization.

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