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Aristotle has been developing interactive healthcare solutions for Arkansas's largest hospital system since 1999. We work with physicians, surgeons, medical specialists, counselors and large health insurance corporations to create interactive web-based tools and mobile apps for healthcare that support the important missions of health and patient care.

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  • EMDR Elite App

    Inspired by a licensed EMDR clinician, the EMDR Elite app is more sophisticated and affordable than the expensive and limiting EMDR therapy technologies on the market today.

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  • Health Notebook App

    Enable your patients to keep important personal and family medical information up-to-date and quickly accessible with our easy-to-use Health Notebook Web and mobile apps for healthcare information storage.

  • Hospital/Healthcare System Locations Database

    Neatly organized, searchable information about all your hospital system's affiliated clinics, therapy centers and other treatment locations.


For single healthcare practitioners and large hospital systems, Aristotle Labs offers creative and interactive healthcare.

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