SwiftSage Performance Monitoring

In today's mobile world, if your website doesn't load quickly, you're losing business. Do you know how fast your important website pages are loading? SwiftSage is the missing piece to your analytics suite. An affordable and easy-to-use online tool, SwiftSage will monitor the download speed of important website pages and compare them to your competitors' websites.

Learn more about how to keep your website performance optimized at GetSwiftSage.com.

"The BeaconSage app allowed us to engage with all of the parents and coaches in real-time to make our event run smoothly."

Patti Conner, USA Gymnastics, Director, Region 3 Trampoline and Tumbling

Make it Fast

Speed matters to your users and has an impact on your site’s search engine rankings. SwiftSage monitors the metrics that have the greatest impact on website speed and search engine performance. View detailed website performance for any URL. Analyze your website's performance all over the world with multiple testing sites. Track your competitors' website speeds. Find out how well your site stacks up today!

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