Put your passion to work at Aristotle Labs

Labs Developer

We have no doubt that the internet of things (IoT) is going to change the way consumers interact with businesses. Aristotle Labs is a technology company that helps sports and entertainment companies as well as attractions such as zoos, aquariums and theme parks leverage IoT devices to interact with their customers in an engaging way. 

We’re in the process of building a team focused around improving developer efficiency. We need a developer who is excited about learning how to improve team efficiency using any techniques we find useful and necessary. This could be as simple as writing unit tests in new code, writing unit tests in old code as you fix a bug, or helping us determine the best way to implement Kanban techniques. 

Within your first year, you’ll be implementing unit test for C# and JavaScript as you create new features and maintain old code. Next you will learn about Kanban and help our team continually improve how we get work done. Once unit testing is in place, you’ll also work to implement automated testing into the continuous integration process and help improve it in other ways. All of this while improving our software products to help our customers interact with the physical world around them via IoT devices. 

Our ideal candidate is excited about pushing the limits of what we can do with IoT devices to improve customer experience for our clients. We are primarily a Microsoft shop and our platform is currently using Umbraco which uses AngularJS, ASP.NET MVC, C#, and SQL Server; however, we are in the process of re-developing our platform using VueJS, NodeJS, .NET Core and Azure SQL. 

As a team we believe in:

  • Adding the most value by finding the simplest solution using the fewest technologies

  • Being consistent in the technologies we use and how we use them

  • Willingness to be transparent while completing work

  • Creating an environment where the team feels safe to experiment and try new things to continually improve how we get work done.

  • Staying up-to-date with new technologies, but having the judgement to know when new tools add or detract value.


All voices carry equal weight on our team when sharing ideas and brainstorming, but final decisions are made by the head of Aristotle Labs. Members of our team are encouraged to speak at local meetups or community groups about the things we are working on in Labs—we’re big believers in giving back to the community to help it grow. 

Does this sound like something of which you want to be a part? Contact us by email with a cover letter, resume PDF, and a link to your LinkedIn profile at