Cutting-edge User Engagement with Bluetooth Beacons

It can be tough getting through to today's mobile users. BeaconSage lets you create rich, custom web pages and link them to Bluetooth beacons that broadcast your content to nearby users.


Use beacons and the free BeaconSage app at:

  • storefronts

  • events

  • tournaments

  • tourist attractions

  • restaurants… and more!


The applications are only limited by your imagination. Take your content straight to the consumer with BeaconSage.


Aristotle Labs received the "Best Technical Solution" accolade for BeaconSage after competing against 88 international entries at the 2016 Codegarden developer conference in Odense, Denmark.

The BeaconSage app allowed us to engage with all of the parents and coaches in real-time to make our event run smoothly.

–Patti Conner, Director, USA Gymnastics, Region 3 Trampoline and Tumbling