SwiftSage and Google Analytics

Matt Shull

Director of Labs

SwiftSage uses real computer from around the world to deliver accurate site speed data.  Because we use real computers to run tests users will notice an increase in traffic from areas like Australia, Ireland, Virginia, and California.  To keep Google Analytics data clean it's important to filter out this traffic.

To do this you'll first need to log in to Google Analytics and choose "Admin" from the navigation at the top of the page.

Once you have selected "Admin", you can select which website you want to filter in the drop down located under "View".  Then choose "Filters" under the section "View".

Then click on the "Add Filters" button.  Here you can set the filter name to whatever you like (e.g. "Exclude SwiftSage Data").  Select "Exclude" in the "Select filter type" field, "traffic from the IP Addresses" from the "Select source or destination" field, and "that are equal to" in the "Select expression" field.  In the "IP Addresses" field put the following string:|||||||

From there you can choose "Save" and the SwiftSage traffic will now be excluded from your Google Analytics data.  As SwiftSage adds more testing locations we will be updating this blog post and let you know of the addition through email.  Still wondering how SwiftSage can help you monitor site speed or why performance matters?  Check out last weeks blog!