Every Second Counts: The Culture of #webperf

Matt Shull

Director of Labs

Page load time is a vital part of any website’s user experience, but it also directly impacts your search engine rankings. Every second counts when it comes to site speed. Long load times are a major contributing factor to page abandonment — studies have shown that 40% of users will abandon a page that takes more than three (3) seconds to load. As webpage sizes continue to increase, slow load times will become a bigger problem. What to do?

This is the question our team asked as we developed SwiftSage.  We've seen the vast difference that milliseconds of load time can make when it comes to website conversions. It's why we set out to make a tool that anyone could use, from developers to business owners to marketers.  SwiftSage provides quick-view dashboards that allow you to compare your site speed with your competitors’.  Swiftsage generates easy-to-read graphs that you can share through social media or send to others on your team.  You can also identify performance problems quickly and see how changes to your website impact site speed worldwide with multiple desktop and mobile testing browsers located all over the globe.

Monitoring site speed doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Our team is here to help every step of the way. Feel free to try our free Swiftsage demo now and check out our easy monthly pricing. Let's work together to provide a better, faster experience on the web!